Aim of the fund.

The aim of the Appeal is to give enduring support to Light Dragoons wounded on operations or in regimental service, to their families, and to the families of those killed on duty.

Major General David Rutherford-Jones CB Colonel of the Regiment

I am delighted to inform readers that in January 2014, The Light Dragoonsí Colonelís Appeal Fund reached, and indeed exceeded, the original target of £1,000,000 (of donated money). This is a Herculean achievement for a comparatively small Regiment. We have not achieved this success through the services or even advice of professional fund raisers. Rather we have achieved this success because we are a family, team orientated Regiment.

Funds Raised so Far

£1,023,500.00 raised and
£20,000 pledged

The Light Dragoons Colonel's Appeal Fund is centrally controlled and held within the Light Dragoons Charitable Fund.

Registered charity No. 1041982.

Light Dragoons website

The momentum behind the Colonelís Appeal has been driven be a strong gang of retired Light Dragoons who have worked tirelessly to co-ordinate and encourage the effort; by a serving Regiment in Swanton Morley that has supported the Appeal in spades; by a regimental alumni who have led endless initiatives to raise money successfully and get behind the initiative further; and by an enviable network of loyal friends throughout the UK, but most notably derived through The Light Dragoons strong geographical ties to South Yorkshire and the North East, as well as Norfolk where the Regiment is currently based. Simply to say Ďthank youí underplays the extent of gratitude we feel towards everyone who had played their part.

Going forward we plan, for the time being, to keep the Colonelís Appeal Ďopení. We shall neither encourage nor discourage individuals and groups from supporting the Appeal. And indeed, with a number of events already planned for 2014, and others being thought about I know, it does seem right to keep the Appeal alive for now.

On behalf of the Regiment, Trustees and all those who have already benefitted from the generosity of many, and of those who will benefit in the future, I thank everyone who gave to the Colonelís Appeal during these past three and a half years. Your collective achievement truly underscores the absolute importance to the Army of its Regimental system.