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What is a definition essay? A definition essay defines a subject in depth with writer’s personal perspectives and commentary. When writing a definition essay, you have the opportunity to interpret a certain term or object to let your readers understand its meaning. To build the structure of a definition essay, you should include: the word definition, term examination, term meanings, and the examples of how the term could be used.

An interesting topic idea for definition essay will engage the readers and attract them to keep reading. Below are some examples of the possible unusual definition essay topics you can explore:

Essay writing is an assignment that most students will be required to complete during their high school and college years. For some people this isn’t a big deal and they complete the essays with ease. Other people, however, find writing essays to pose a great amount of difficulty. If you are a student that finds essay writing difficult do not throw your hands in the air and call it quits. There are a number of easy steps that can be taken to help you write your paper.

Religion. One of the unusual yet interesting definition essay topic ideas is religion. The area of religion could be interpreted in a lot of different ways. These topic ideas may also include different denominations. For example: Catholicism and Christianity; modesty and virtues, etc. Furthermore, there are controversial issues you can choose from, such as abortion or infidelity. While composing a definition essay related to the topic of religion, a thorough research should be conducted for more than one area or religion.

Controversial Topic. It’s always a good idea to choose a controversial topic. Most likely your readers would like to hear what you say on a topic that can easily cause arguments. For example, global warming, abortion, gun control, gay marriage, discrimination, etc. Whatever term you choose, it should be defined by ways of several dictionaries. You should also do some research and find out how the term is defined by people from different religions, races, or age groups.

Descriptive Phrases. Descriptive words and phrases can be taken as different meanings for different people. When choosing a descriptive phrase for your definition essay topic, you easily can choose a personal perspective and inspire your readers. A descriptive word or phrase can usually be taken for different meanings by people who have used or heard them. For example: generic terms like good, bad, love, are used to express the feelings of someone toward a certain object or person, however, they do not mean the same for everyone.

Traits and Virtues. A Trait or virtue makes a perfect idea for a definition essay. Virtues are commonly used for portraying certain people. Examples of words that serve for describing traits or virtues are: honor, maturity, modesty, integrity, vanity, beauty, dedication, etc. The trick is to find words that people commonly use to describe something or someone. Then, you should consider other ways those words could be interpreted.