Essay about Maternal Mortality

Maternal mortality continues to be a problem for many parts of the world. There are studies that show certain parts of the world lack updated records related to Maternal mortality. Some countries have not updated their data related to this issue for several years. If strides are not made to stay updated with data, how can we fight or improve maternal mortality? Many people find this aspect sad and shocking as it speaks volumes about how women are seen in their society. Maternal health is important as it is an important part of growing families and continuing generations.

Maternal mortality deals with loss of life during pregnancy or childbirth. While millions of women are fortunate enough to have healthy babies, others are not due to complications, previous health conditions, or lack of proper care. Maternal health is important and there are ways it has improved over the years with more programs being made available to pregnant women and aftercare once the baby is born. But, others feel this is where the problem could be in not providing enough care or lacking useful sources that would help women manage their pregnancies better.

Tracking maternal mortality includes keeping records up to date and notifying the public of recent discoveries, changes made and potential solutions. The good news is there are parts of the world that are compassionate about helping women complete their pregnancy and childbirth with the care they deserve. Maternal mortality has gone down in certain areas and among a large group of women. It has helped raise awareness of concerns during and after pregnancy. The bad news is among learning such information you may come across areas that lack sufficient data that would clearly state whether it has improved and possible problems women are facing.

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Awareness of problems before, during and after pregnancy related to women’s health need to continue to be raised with proper solutions to follow. There may not be enough focus on helping women achieve healthy pregnancies or how they can prevent many problems before the pregnancy occurs. There are some issues that a woman has no control over, but she should be able to get the help she needs from a trusted doctor. Unfortunately, many women are not able to get help or get special treatment for something that was undetected until it was too late. More work is needed to help reduce the rate of deaths during pregnancy and childbirth, including understanding how to prevent them.