Find an original essay topics

It is definitely not easy to do academic writing and from the very beginning of the process to the very end, you will have to focus on many details. Choosing the right topic is absolutely crucial for your essays and it can determine de success of your paper because this is the very first step towards writing it. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing essay topics and they will help you settle for better and more concise topics that will keep your interest up throughout the writing process. Here are some of the most important tips on choosing essay topics:

Don’t choose topics that are too general. Instead, narrow them down until you get to a topic that can actually be researched and on which you can actually write your paper. For instance, instead of choosing as topic “The Internet”, choose something narrower, such as “The Internet and How it is Used in Western Europe”. You can narrow down the topic even more (such as “The Internet and How it is Used by Teenagers in Western Europe”), but if you do that, make sure that you will have enough work available for research.

For most of the people out there, academic writing assignments can be a hassle. The truth is that the main thing that makes people dislike this type of assignments is the fact that academic writing always seems to be extremely strict when it comes to its rules and that this will limit people’s creativity a lot, even when they are extremely familiar with the topic of their paper. However, when it comes to academic essays, you will be allowed to be looser and you will be allowed to express your opinion as well. This makes most of the students out there be fonder of academic essays than of any other kind of academic paper.

Find an original essay topicsBe original and try to think of things that have not been over-discussed in the academic world. At the same time though, do keep in mind the fact that being too original may mean that you will have trouble finding bibliography to back up your essay and your arguments so do try to stay somewhere in between topics that have been discussed and topics that haven’t been discussed very much.

Choose a topic you are actually interested in. Even if a particular course is not very interesting for you, the essay can be a combination between something discussed in class and something you are interested in. For instance, if you are not particularly interested in the British literature of the 19th century, but you are interested in feminist studies, you can choose a topic in between them and try to find feminist writings that would fall in that time span.

Do make sure that you check with your teacher/tutor to see if the topic you have chosen is actually relevant for the class you are in. It is much better to ask questions than to realize that the essay you have been working on is simply not suitable for that particular course (regardless of how greatly written and researched it may be).