Learning to write a personal essay

There are multiple reasons you may find yourself writing a personal essay. Regardless of why, it is quite obvious that no one putting in their valuable time and effort wishes to fail. This goes for writing as well. A personal essay can be a daunting task and often difficult to begin formulating. Here are a few tips to make sure you structure and write your essay in the most successful way.

Start by making a list of all your motivations, attributes, qualities and anything else you find compelling about yourself. Perhaps you were witness to or part of an event that impacted your life and caused change for your future. Maybe you were awarded or recognized for a special contribution that only you could have come up with. Beginning with this list is bound to start words and ideas flowing to your outline. If you can feel successful, you can write successfully.

Of course, these essays also have rules and structure and citations are among them too, but the fact that they will not have to be as “stiff” as in the case of other papers out there will make people feel better about writing academic essays.

The conclusion of your academic essay is extremely important because, in one way or another, this will be the part of the essay that will actually stick with your readers. Obviously, your arguments and your introduction will be extremely important as well, but the conclusion will have to be truly memorable. Here are some tips you should definitely follow when writing academic essay conclusions.

Next, begin your introduction in a way that you feel comfortable with. This can be a quote, a good story or a simple line that sings to you upon reading it. What ever you choose, make sure it represents your personality and a general link to what you wish to accomplish with your essay. Often times the first line can be the hardest to find courage for, so make sure you feel good about your words and the transition it will provide into the remaining introduction paragraph.

Once you have clearly outlined what attributes you wish to include, define the body of your essay in a concise and manageable structure. Be sure that your ideas are fluid and transition well into each other. The bulk of your essay should flow smoothly and should make it easy for your reader to understand. Remember that while you are the authority on this topic it can be easy to forget valuable information regarding specific events. Proofreading will prove useful when it comes to finding any missing information.

Learning to write a personal essayAfter you feel that you have successfully written your personal essay, have someone proofread and check for any grammatical or otherwise inappropriate errors. Let the paper out of your sight for a few hours, if not a few days, and revisit it one more time before you turn it in, checking again for any mistakes that may have been missed. The real key to success in a personal essay is your patience and dedication.