Try to write a great essay

Maybe Rome wasn’t built in a day but learning how to write a great essay on Rome can be done in less than two hours. You see, the truth about essay writing is that it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and you don’t have to be a professional writer either. Writing great essays is simply about understanding the basic principles of formatting and implementing those every time you write.

Whether you are a freshman in high school or a College student, mastering the art of essay composition is an invaluable skill, which will get you further in life. Why? Because at its core, writing an essay about learning how to form coherent arguments and defend your thoughts while demonstrating your understanding of a concept. When a teacher or professor grades your essay, they are assessing your ability to articulate an idea AND properly format a discussion. Throughout your academic career you will be asked to do this time and time again.

You can easily learn to write A+ essays, once you have mastered the basic formula to writing in this fashion.

5 Basic Essay Paragraphs

Introduce your thesis and 3 arguments that defend this thesis as well as a hypothesis that states clearly what you believe we will find from examining this case.

    • Argument 1:

The strongest and most obvious argument that defends your thesis.

    • Argument 2:

The second strongest argument that defends your thesis

    • Argument 3:

The third, most unique argument that defend your thesis

Summarize/ Conclude:
This is where you revisit your thesis and hypothesis backing them once again with the 3 arguments as evidence. You can wrap up your essay with a strong closing remark that leaves the reader critically examining the subject matter that you have covered.

It Doesn’t Take Much Time To Write A Great Essay

Anyone can learn to write fantastically composed essays on any subject by following these simple steps. Instead of getting stressed about creating a unique and flourished written masterpiece, cover all your bases with some thorough research decorated with strong wording that gets right to the point. Even non-writers can get A+ grades on their written projects by implementing this structure. Try it yourself on you next writing assignment and see firsthand how easy it can be to write a perfect essay.

Pick your side
Picking your side in the abortion debate is simple. You’re either for or against it and you either have a strong or vague opinion towards it. While the strength on your opinion matters to a degree, you can get by if you’re just not that strong in your convictions towards it or if you were merely assigned a side.
Whichever side you pick or are assigned, you’ll have to argument your points strongly throughout the essay.

The opposing side
Yes, there is an opposing side and you should acknowledge them. This could include merely stating what their opinion is on abortion or stating and pointing out flaws—whatever they may be.

Research and Present Facts
These two are essential to making sure your essay is teetering around on baby legs. After reflecting on your topic and your side in relation to those topics, do further research into them. Present facts in your writing to support your side and be sure to cite excerpts taken from books, websites, magazines, etc.

You should also be even-handed when it comes to distributing facts. You shouldn’t drop facts on the reader like a piano out of a window, but you also shouldn’t give the reader a fact with no link to the rest of your essay. There is a balance when it comes to putting facts in your paper.