Your Paper Writing

The trick to getting a good grade on your essay writing assignment in College is organizing it in a way that makes it easy to understanding and engaging to the reader. By taking the time to lay your paper out in an outline and structure it so that it makes sense and goes from least important details to the most important details is the best way to do this. Basically, when you follow the 5 paragraph essay structure you can’t go wrong. Organizing your paper using this structure is the most ideal way to complete a college level writing assignment and get a good grade.

There’s all of the usual things that make a writing service one good for your selection. This includes references, experience and good prices. But you should take things one step further when hiring a writing service and make sure they’re trustworthy and credible. If you’re using an online service, ensure that their website is professional and accurate and of course if free of any of those promises they cannot keep. Steer clear of those whose websites are clutter, look unprofessional or not updated on a regular basis.

You may also want to use Google or another search engine to find reviews and other online testimonials and reviews from prior customers. You’re sure to find an abundance of information in this manner, all of which is beneficial when you want to hire a good writing service to handle your writing needs.

The 5-paragraph essay structure is the most popular way to organize an academic essay paper. The best thing about it is that when you are following this structure you can complete your essay in only 5 paragraphs. You are also able to organize your writing in a way that is universally understandable and makes the most sense. This is how a 5-paragraph essay looks:


  • purpose for writing
  • thesis
  • introduce 3 main points

Main Point #1

  • supporting evidence

Main Point #2

  • supporting evidence

Main Point #3

  • supporting evidence


  • Summary of 3 main points
  • Revisit thesis
  • Final remarks

This infamous essay structure can be used for nearly any type for short form essay question, midterm paper, or long form written response. All you have to do is fill in the blanks of the outline in full sentences and then write the paper following the form that has already been laid out. Knowing this little secret academic writing template can save you plenty of time and energy when you work on writing assignments. It also assures that your paper will be properly organized and easy to understand.

Like we mentioned above it is also a good idea to organize your three main points or body paragraphs in order of importance. By placing the most important point at the end you can make your essay more impacting to the reader.

Now that you know how to successfully organize your paper writing essays should be a breeze. Chances are if you follow this format you will get a better grade every time and your instructors will be impressed at how easy your papers are to read.