Try to find your readers

Writing an essay can be difficult. After picking a topic and researching, it is then time to start writing the essay. Writing the essay requires knowing your reader and writing to their level or to their interests. Knowing your reader will keep their interest and build a strong essay in the end allowing you to be more successful in your goals. This will help you set the tone of your essay and pick the best language for your essay. Picking the appropriate tone and language for your reader will help your essay be the most convincing in your essay.

Setting the tone of the essay is important thing to consider after identifying your reader. The tone of the argument depends on your audience. If your audience is more professional, you want to make sure your tone is more proper and the way your argument is presented has less or anecdotes and is more serious and factual with the least amount of opinion. Should your tone is more causal or among your peers then the tone should be more personal and relatable to them. This allows for more personal anecdotes and opinions.

When doing an argumentative essay on anything, controversial subjects tend to be the most challenging to do. They often require a strong stance on one side from the author of the essay. Controversial subjects also give the writer a kind of “accelerated training” when it comes to essays due to the difficulty of the subject.

Try to find your readers
Your language should be appropriate for your audience. If you know you are speaking to a more professional audience, jargon is allowed more than if you were speaking to an audience of peers or a younger audience. Vocabulary should be determined based on the age, knowledge and purpose of your audience. If you are speaking to a younger audience, it is appropriate to use simpler language than if you were to speak to a more professional audience. If you are speaking to a more professional audience you want to try and use more sophisticated vocabulary.

Abortion is one of those controversial subjects. The basic line of constructing your essay is as follows:

  • Pick your side in the argument;
  • Argue points;
  • Acknowledge the opposing side;
  • Research and present facts;
  • Strong opening and closing.

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Writing an essay can be a difficult task. Identifying your audience is important in writing your essay. It determines the tone of your essay and the language your essay. Picking the right words and the right tone for your essay is important to making your essay successful and achieving the goal of your essay. If you use jargon or language that is too complicated for your audience, you can lose your audience’s attention and your essay is weaker. If you use language that is too simple for your audience, it can make your argument less credible and also lose your audience again.